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Real Estate Investments Italy

Selling or buying property is a hassle process with multifarious complexity whether you’re seeking for a commercial or residential property. If you want to possess a property in Italy, Puglia then Valente Group is real estate agency that will deal with all hassling process to enhance your property buying experience at the best location.

We’re specialized developers, real estate agents, building contractors, and reliable property management company that will assist you dominantly. When it comes to serve the clients of real estate sector, specialist management expertise is a crucial aspect that can be ignored with control of financial risk. We can enhance & support your property buying experience in Italy, Puglia.

Reliability & complete support throughout the construction process

  • Assessment of property investment
  • Support in relation to financing issues
  • Valuation of tax consequence to commercial taxation, property purchase tax, and income taxation

As a real estate agent we deal with both commercial and residential properties as well as we advise private, individual and business to purchase property in Puglia, Italy.

How to Buy Property in Puglia, Italy?

There’re no restriction on foreigners purchasing property residential property in Italy. If you’ve already made your mind to purchase property, we’ll handle your purchase process called a “Proposta irrevocabile di acquisto”.  It is recommended hiring a surveyor for an intense checking process of papers.