Who We are?

Valente Group are the global expert in managing and executing local business in Italy. With a potential network in diverse range of market and industries, we are consistently serving a wide spectrum of business dominantly. Professionalism and assistance via deep experience in businesses as well as the market of all sizes, we offer services that will enhance your business and reduce flaws.

What Services do we offer?

Valente group distinct in country deliver a plethora of business growing services with intense local market knowledge and enhance regulatory compliance. Services that we offer in Italy are:

  1. Payroll Services
  2. Tax Consultant Services
  3. Investment services
  4. Bookkeeping services
  5. Business consultancy in Italy
  6. Farms and Real Estates in general in Puglia, Italy

Our Potential Global Clients

We have served clients of all sizes and from almost every sector, everyone from small startup, MNC’s, entrepreneurs, Non-profit organizations and local targeted business. We’re professional and completely understand the needs of our clients and the demands of the market, no matter how giant or small your company is, efficiently serving with passion.

We’re completely aware of how much your business and job matter for you, that is why without ignoring the crucial aspects, we cater dominant services that will surely outpace and let you run your business smoothly. Since we’ve started assisting companies and business from a plethora of market. We never compromised to the standard and quality of service that we deliver that is why we have a long chain of happy and satisfied clients.

We welcome foreign and local investors as well as companies of all sizes to enhance their business experience with Valente Group in Italy in all-inclusive packages. If you’re running a Non-Profit Organization (NGO’s), we can help you to achieve several beneficial aspects

What Makes Us Stand Away from The Crowd?

  • Knowledge: As a local company of Italy, our independent expertise understands the local market. If you’re thinking of investing in Italy then our dedicated professionals will help you with legal, financial, and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Business Flexibility: All our services are customer oriented that can be customized according to your business needs & demands of your market.
  • Control: We have a created a long chain of happy customers and a goodwill in the market of Italy that is why we can leverage our clients with innovative services and full control over their business with efficient knowledge and working methodology.
  • Speed: Our local clients are expert in delivering which is good for your business more quickly than your clients.
  • Business Approach: We are experienced in dealing with global clients with holistic approach

Compliance and Quality

When it comes to catering demands of our clients we dominantly work for our global accreditations and compliance program that includes:

  • ISO27001, the international standard for data security and information management
  • Business continuity measures
  • Ensuring everything that our clients receive should be risk-free, innovative, and emphatic
  • Compliance with local rules and regulations
  • Understating the methodology and anti-money laundering process as well as services

Business Aspects that We Deliver

  • Register company in Italy
  • Register SRL in Italy
  • Doubles Tax treaties
  • Establish a subsidiary
  • Buy a shelf company
  • How to liquidate a company in Italy?
  • Foreign investment in Italy
  • Imports & export in and to Italy
  • VAT and other taxes in Italy
  • Branch vs subsidiary in Italy
  • Workforce in Italy
  • Open a recruitment company in Italy
  • Open a restaurant in Italy
  • Open a travel agency in Italy
  • Open a pharmaceutical company in Italy
  • Set up Real Estate Investment Funds in Italy
  • Open hedge funds in Italy
  • Set up pension funds in Italy
  • Create closed-ended investment Funds in Italy
  • Open a joints stock, General partnership in Italy
  • Financial sector company
  • Sole Proprietorship in Italy

If your Service is not mentioned please let us know, we’re specialized in serving almost every sector

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Mail us: info@apuliaforbusiness.com