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With the professional, experienced and expertise team from different industries & market to enhance your business, we offer you to experience the methodology of ours. With a diverse range of business and revenue outpacing aspects including Payroll Services, Tax Consultant, Invest in Puglia, Bookkeeping, and real estate business.  

Investing in Apulia

Open new business opportunities abroad is a system to expand its market, and improve business efficiency through a significant reduction in costs . Invest in Italy is not convenient , unless you invest in Puglia . For three main reasons:
  1. Puglia attracts thousands of tourists from around the world
  2. It’ s destination of subsidized loans



Our Best Services

Valente Group offer in an "all inclusive" package the following services:

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    How To Buy A Farm In Puglia

    Why is it worth buying a masseria in Puglia? According to the Times, Puglia and in particular Salento, beat Tuscany as a tourist attraction. Buying a house here makes economic sense

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    Reliable Small Business Payroll Services

    Cash Flow is a major setback experienced by the companies especially by the new company and organizations in the market.

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    Tax Consultant and Reporting Services

    Valente Group is assisting a wide spectrum of companies, entrepreneur, small business, etc. from last many years covering tax preparation and consulting service.

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    Invest In Puglia

    First things first. For those of you who have never set up a business in Italy, you have to know that in this country there are a whole series of requirements that simply do not exist elsewhere.

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    Bookkeeping Services for Mid-Large Business

    Bookkeeping services are more than maintaining to day-to-day activities for instance check writing, payroll preparation or remittance task.

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    Business Consultancy

    Using the purest sense of Business Consultancy in Italy, Valente group possess the ability to magnetize business owners, entrepreneur, markets, and industries.

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